Hosting your project at CodeResort makes great sense, and provides numerous benefits to all common development and code maintenance project. It gives you access to powerful tools and services for running your project.

The basic tools are:

    • A source file repository for working with various code files that are stored on our servers, but also available on your own machine.
    • A web workspace providing an interface for creating and changing information that is not source code - documentation, task and bugs, status reports and so on.

BV Network AS is considered a highly trusted company in the Norwegian IT industry. We work with most major IT companies and a large number of high-profile customers, and have close contact with hundreds of developers in Norway and Europe through our work with major software companies.

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    • A secure, access restricted project environment for both development and maintenance of source code projects.
    • A home for open/shared code projects centered around major commercial software systems.
    • A private, secure hosting service for closed company/customer specific code projects.

CodeResort testimonial 

"We need a software environment that supports this way of working in “resource network”, allow people to work together in an efficient way. Frameworks today are object oriented, open and perfect for this way of working. The Timeline function is a prerequisite to work together with resources spread all over the world and also the ticket function is very useful."

Gunnar Brange
R&D Rolling Mills,  ABB AB

CodeResort Customers

    • DSS
    • Hydro
    • SuperOffice
    • Larvik Kommune
    • Sør-Trøndelag fylkeskommune
    • NARF
    • Handelshøgskolen BI